Who is doing the crowing?

Sarah van der Boom

Sarah is the business and communications manager for Cheeky Rooster. 

Sarah is IAP2 and MPRINZ qualified, and has gained a reputation for strategic communications planning, facilitation and project management. 

Sarah is passionate about the business contributing to more than just its ‘bottom line’ and so drives Cheeky Rooster’s ‘giving back’ activities.

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Sarah began her career as an environmental scientist with a focus on New Zealand ecology.  After postgraduate studies in environmental education and communications, she has worked in environmental education, communications, marketing and public relations in both the public and private sectors.

Her work in behaviour-change education and communications has been nationally recognised. 

One of Sarah's behaviour-change education programmes was endorsed by the NZAEE (New Zealand Association of Environmental Education) and sponsored through the Ministry for the Environment.  

In 2011, Sarah’s pro-bono communications work for the Whakatāne Kiwi Trust achieved highly commended in the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand Annual Awards.



Mike van der Boom

Mike is the events manager for Cheeky Rooster. As an event specialist, Mike is great at getting alongside people from all walks of life and working out what they need to get the job done.

Mike has a diverse background including secondary school teaching, tourism marketing, event management and running a cycle touring business.

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In his free time he has contributed to local mountain bike and triathlon clubs.  He has also volunteered for the Whakatāne Surf Life Saving Club, Cycle Action Whakatāne and the Whakatāne Kiwi Trust.

Mike works with both private and public sector organisations to design, manage and coordinate delivery of community, music, cultural and sporting events such as, the Horizon Energy Motu Challenge and Motu 160, The Odyssey three-day mountain bike epic, Sunshine Street Fiesta, Rangitaiki River Festival and Monty’s Revenge multisport race.  Mike’s experience in both the ‘hands on’ and coordination roles are invaluable in the design and delivery of any event.


Johnelle Capill

Johnelle is Cheeky Rooster’s qualified graphics whizz, providing creative genius to a multitude of projects.  Johnelle’s creative flair and innovative thinking have contributed to the development of hundreds of successful brands, publications and websites.

Johnelle has worked in the public and private sectors as a graphic artist for the past fifteen years.  Her creativity and attention to detail set her in a class of her own.

Donovan Jackson

Donovan provides editorial support for Cheeky Rooster and so, for Donovan, it is all about the words - using the right words, in the right way, for the right people. 

Whether it is a slogan, a media release, or a 100-page report, Donovan will be crafting and checking the words so that our audience gets text that is a pleasure to read.

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As a prominent writer and contributor to South African publications, particularly in the information and communications technology industry, Donovan has worked with an enormous cross-section of organisations, including IBM, Microsoft, Siemens and Nokia .