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Five top tips for sustainable corporate gifts
19 December 2013

It’s that time of year again and you might be tasked with buying gifts for clients in the run-up to Christmas.  If your business is into sustainability, then it’s essential to think about the environmental and social impacts the things you buy can have on our community and beyond.  Your business’ reputation depends on it! 

Gift giving is the perfect chance to communicate what your business is all about.  Look at the big picture – what are your brand values?  Sustainability is at the heart of Cheeky Rooster’s values and at Christmas, we practice what we preach.

Sustainable shopping can be a whole lot easier when you have a purchasing policy in your ‘Sustainability’ toolkit. If you don’t have one, go ahead and take a look at what a sustainable purchasing policy involves.  Develop yours with some tips you’ve picked up along the way, and then use it as a guide to choose sustainable corporate gifts. 

Gift your services

Gift some element of your services or offer a special Christmas deal and focus on something that you’d like to showcase to the client. This year, we’re gifting free entries to a new event that we’re  promoting. 

Make it yourself

Your company will get noticed if you make the gifts yourself.  We’ve given home baking on occasion and our clients always remember the personal touch. 

Make a donation

For hard-to-buy-for clients, or when it is difficult to send something to a client, make a donation to a charity on their behalf. One year, we bought a World Vision ‘Business start-up kit’ on behalf of each client. The environmental footprint of this gift is close to zero, while the social good is massive for the recipients.

Buy local and NZ made

Whenever we purchase gifts, we source environmentally-friendly products from local markets, health food shops and suppliers.  In the past, this has included local organic olive oils, honey, and natural skin care. While you are purchasing, get to know your suppliers; they could be your future customers.

If you can’t buy local, at least buy NZ made and research the supplier for their environmental and social footprint.

You can find a list of companies and suppliers ‘with a conscience’ on the Sustainable Business Network’s website.

Deliver with style

How much of your relationship with your clients is facilitated by phone or email?  It’s always good to put a face to the voice or email signature!  Take the opportunity to make a lasting impression and personally deliver their gift. One year, we delivered locally made hand baked cookies, by bicycle.

You might be among those super-organised people who have completed all their Christmas shopping in October but if not, this post will hopefully give you food for thought for this season – or the next.

Happy holidays!


- ER

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